Chemring Countermeasures Factory (D&C)

This project is the expansion of an existing facility for the manufacture of countermeasure flares for aircraft.While it is not a water treatment facility, it involves a 1500m2 blast-resistant building comprised of extremely large concrete structures, the construction of which drew on CCB Envico’s experience in the water industry. CCB’s scope involved a significant design and construct component where the client brief was not fully defined. This project is currently in its final handover phase.


Chemring Australia


Client Contact Details: 
Name: Peter Deegan
Telephone: 03 5250 8504




CCB Envico Project Staff: 
Project Manager:  Daniel Cusack
Site Manager: Jamie Rutter
Administrator: Ian McCormick  


Contact Details: 
Name:  Paul Mulgrew
Telephone:  03 92483988


Project Duration: 

June 2009 - Nov 2011