CCB Envico's international growth continues

as we expand our overseas operations with an increasing presence in Asia and the Pacific undertaking water infrastructure and commercial construction projects funded by the ADB, DFAT and in-country Government Authorities.

We have also recently established a presence Kiribati (Tarawa and Kiritamati Islands), Tuvalu, Federated States of Micronesia (Chuuk and Pohnpei) and the Solomon Islands through selected partners and currently have 9 activel projects in these locations. All of these locations are classed as developing nations where the impact of environmental infrastructure projects is considerable.

CCB Envico has recently completed:

  • A design and construction of a wastewater treatment project in Weno on the Island of Chuuk for the Public Utilities Corporation.
  • The augmentation and repair of new and existing elements of the saltwater reticulation and wastewater systems on the island of Tarawa (Kiribati) funded by the ADB together with the Kiribati Ministry of Public Works and we have continued on under a short term contract to provide wastewater operating and maintenance services to assist and supplement the existing team.

The current projects include the construction of three airport terminals, two for the Kiribiati Ministry of Information, Communications, Transport and Tourism Development on Tarawa and Kiritimati Islands and the third terminal in Funafuti (Tuvalu).  

CCB Envico  are currently undertaking two projects for the Solomon Islands Water Authority the first to improve the capacity of the bulk water transmission system between Tashe Reservoir and the East Kola Reservoir and the East Kola Water Supply Upgrades which involves the installation of a 4ML tank and associated works.

Our presence in Kiribati has been extended to undertaking several projects in Tarawa and Kiritimati the largest involving the upgrade of the Ocean Outfalls in at Betio, Bairiki and Bikenibeu on the island of Tarawa.    There are three Kiritimati Island Water projects underway 1) 3.5km of pipeline from London to Decca and associated works; 2) Supply and erection of 250KL water storage tank at London and 3) Supply and Installation of two solar powered tablet chlorination systems at Decca and Four Wells.