CCB Envico Partner with Cockram Constructions

In order to service larger projects and to maintain a presence across the major cities of Australia, CCB Envico entered into a formal association with Cockram Constructions who are a well regarded large construction company established in each state of Australia as well as Canberra and the Northern Territory. 

Together, CCB Envico and Cockram Constructions have been targeting larger water infrastructure projects as Cockram Envico. Cockram Envico is committed to the highest delivery standards for water infrastructure in Australia.

Cockram is a privately owned multidisciplinary construction services company with a proud history of projects that commenced in Melbourne Australia in 1861. Operating in Australia, Asia, and America, Cockram brings strong construction capabilities and a reliable base of resources and experience to the association. This will allow Cockram Envico to target bigger and more complex projects in a range of locations.

CCB Envico are specialists in the water infrastructure sector. Predominantly working with local governments and water authorities on water industry projects involving the treatment of both fresh and waste water, CCB Envico also undertake a range of process facility works including food manufacturing plants, military-related infrastructure/manufacturing, and chemical treatment plants including chemical dosing plants for potable and non-potable water. CCB Envico bring this specialist knowledge and experience to the association.

To date, Cockram Envico have completed two sewerage treatment plant upgrades in Queensland and one each in NSW and Victoria.  Cockram Envico are currently undertaking upgrades to Erskine Street Pump Station in Dubbo.