Integrated Management Systems

CCB Envico undertakes infrastructure-focused project work under a diverse range of structures and contracting methodologies from traditional firm lump sum tender scenarios through to sophisticated design and construct arrangements.
We are proud of our record of minimal disputes, cooperative contract conclusions with rapid reconciliation of contract accounts, minimal industrial relations disputes and a lower than industry average record of lost time incidents.


Project Management

The Directors and staff of CCB Envico pride themselves on their ability to work closely and cooperatively with all clients, especially in an environment where existing plants or systems are required to operate continuously. With a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel at all levels of operations we are able to ensure our projects run as smoothly as possible, maximising efficiency and minimising risks such as delay and additional cost.

We ensure that all staff members allocated to projects have the necessary skill to implement accepted software to manage projects including the integrated cost control system (Jobpac), critical path programming using Microsoft Project, as well as a robust project management plan that is continually refined to meet the demands of an industry that constantly challenges standards and outcomes.

CCB Envico has been appointed head contractor on over 60 projects since 2003 and we have an impressive record of repeat clients which clearly demonstrates our ability and capacity to provide a superior service and successfully complete projects regardless of size or complexity.


OH&S System

At CCB Envico safety is an accepted part of every person's role, we have a fully developed OH&S System, which has been implemented on projects of value up to $30 million. We take a proactive approach to safety which focuses on accident prevention and measures success in terms of continuous development and improvement.
A key part of our process is a regular audit program, focusing on personnel safety. Each site is formally audited twice per month and the results track the progress of the safety standard. Supporting these systems is the Company's Behaviour Observation Reporting (BOR) processes. This process identifies unsafe acts and leads all staff to actively intervene providing a platform for opportunities for improvement to be identified, implemented and shared throughout the Company.
Our safety management systems have achieved formal accreditation with two key construction industry organisations. 


CCF CCFCon NSWCommerce



Risk Management

CCB Envico is committed to achieving excellence in all fields of endeavour, and across different delivery mechanisms. We have implemented a robust Quality Management System, which calls for the establishment of a specific Project Quality Management Plan (PQMP) to ensure each project is commissioned to the agreed parameters.
The PQMP is prepared in accordance with established company procedures and conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS 9001:2008. We ensure it complies with the contract documentation and each client's quality objectives. The PQMP ensures the quality procedures are set, monitored and enforced.
The PQMP outlines the company's expectations in terms of quality, safety, environment, on site procedures and industrial relations, all personnel and sub contractors who are inducted onto the site will be taken through this plan.


Environmental Management & Sustainability

CCB Envico places a high level of importance on environmental issues related to our projects. We work towards continually improving and implementing our environmental management system as outlined in our Environmental Management Manual and the project specific Project Environmental Management Plan (PEMP) specific to each construction project the company is involved in.
We have a commitment to ensuring the environment is not compromised by construction activities undertaken on our projects. CCB Envico seeks to achieve an objective of pollution prevention and minimal adverse environmental impacts in all of our project-related activities.
CCB Envico is also an advocate of the recognised principles of sustainable development in relation to waste minimisation, pollution control, energy and resource conservation and preservation of ecological systems, flora and fauna. Frequent reporting procedures are in place to track our performance against these principles.


Quality Assurance

CCB Envico takes pride in delivering all projects to the highest quality. To achieve this end, quality plans and procedures are implemented for every construction project we are involved in.
Our Quality Plans have been designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 9001:2008. This Applies to all management systems, policies and procedures applied in the delivery phase of projects undertaken by CCB Envico.
The Senior Construction Manager and the Project Manager will ensure that the Quality Management System is operating as designed and agreed for each project.
AS NZS ISO 9001, 4801, 14001


Financial Control

Through our financial control system, Jobpac, we can forecast, track and manage all aspects of the project costs to ensure each CCB Envico project runs smoothly and is time and cost efficient.